Maranatha Baptist Church

 _______________Kingdom Initiative_____________________

To create a new church that glorifies God through the proclamation of the Gospel and intentionally addressing the spiritual, physical, and cultural needs of Paris and the surrounding area.


On September 9, 2018 the leadership teams of Cobblestone Church and Maranatha Baptist Church announced to their respective congregations their intent to facilitate a conversation around the question “What is the Church that Paris needs?”. The desire is to see a new Church formed around a solid shared vision of what God could do in the community through a cooperative endeavor. If the outcome of that discussion is favorable the goal would be for both churches to dissolve their entities and create one new one beginning January 2019.



Community Forum:

September 30, 2018 - 5:30-7:30 - Maranatha Baptist Church

This is an open forum for everyone in the community and surrounding area. The discussion will revolve around the question “What is the Church that Paris needs?” The goal of this forum is to rally people around a greater vision of what God could accomplish through this new work. From this forum we hope to gain an idea or a picture of what this new church would be about.



Kingdom Initiative continued...

Town Hall:

October 14, 2018 - Time and Location TBA

The Town Hall will be an opportunity for us to review what we have been discussing and to start putting some of the BIG things in place. That is the big ideas of what this new church will seek to focus on. Also at that meeting we will introduce the leadership structure and transitional plan. There will also be time for Q and A. Again this meeting will be open to everyone.


Congregational Vote:

October 28, 2018 - Time and location will be up to individual churches

Each congregation will hold their own business meeting at which final discussion and a vote will take place. Both congregations will adhere to their own rules of order and bylaws for this voting procedure.


New Beginning:

December 2, 2019 –

Both congregations have decided to join as one the first Sunday of December, 2018, will be the very first public worship gathering of the new Church. 2019 will be a year of transition as the new Church begins to identify its values and culture.


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